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Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection Products

  • Ease of installation and storage
  • Transparent fabric allows for visibiliy
  • Excellent barrier against high winds and rain
  • lexible and easy to adapt to large and unusal shaped openings
  • Miami Dade or Florida Building Code approved
About Armor Screen

Keeping your home protected from a storm involves much more than just securing your windows. Armor Screen can help secure the entire exterior of your property and provide the ultimate in storm protection. These flexible and versatile storm shutters can be fitted to form a protective barrier and can adapt to any large or unusual shaped opening. How effective is Armor Screen? They have been designed to withstand winds exceeding 276 mph and can even endure a large missile impact. Now that’s protection that isn’t easy to find anywhere else in West Palm Beach. But the storm experts at All American Shutters & Glass can install Armor Screen to your home to provide home maximum security from any kind of storm.

Armor Screen utilizes the latest in storm protection technology. Unlike other forms of storm shutters, Armor Screen’s patented system uses an interwoven design to shield your property from high winds and torrential rains. But the best part is you can see right through it. You’ll never have to worry about sitting in the dark with candles while a hurricane pounds your home into submission. One of the common complaints people have about storm shutters is they create a feeling of being trapped. Armor Screen is transparent. You won’t even notice they’re around, while this protective barrier is keeping your home fully intact without a scratch during the most violent weather conditions.

Another great feature about Armor Screen is that it’s convenience. Other rigid storm barriers can take hours and even days to deploy. Armor Screen can be installed in just minutes and require very little maintenance. Other rigid barriers need to be constantly maintained to function properly. Without proper maintenance these systems can stick and can be extremely difficult to utilize. Protecting your home shouldn’t be a headache. That’s why the professionals at All American Shutters & Glass do all the work for you. Once your Armor Screen system is installed, you’ll never have to worry about it again. Most people think storm damage comes from the force of the wind. But that’s only part of the problem. Flying debris and other projectiles can crash into your property and cause thousands of dollars in damage. However, with maximum protection from an Armor Screen system, debris bounce harmlessly away. This keeps your home safe as well as your bank account.

The skilled technicians at All American Shutters & Glass in West Palm Beach are highly-trained to install Armor Screen to fit your home’s unique look and style. This protective system is designed to fit any residential architectural structure.

  • 10 Year Pro Rated Limited Warranty

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