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Impact Resistant Windows

PGT impact windows & doors

Our impact resistant windows and doors meet Florida most stringent code requirements for hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Should the impact-resistant glass crack on contact, the durable interlayer keeps the window intact and in place. This, combined with the heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frame, will provide your home with amazing year-round protection.

peace of mind:

If chosen, our laminated glass will absorb sound rather transmit it. This same type of glass is often used in airports to reduce ambient noise. This keeps any disruptions outside where they belong. It also keeps out the intruders, as breaking out glass is a common entrance for thieves. The same glass that repels flying debris, will protect against an intruder attempting to shatter your glass and enter your home. By choosing our impact resistant windows and doors, you are choosing to protect your home all day, every day.

energy efficiency at its best:

Our impact resistant windows and doors filter out up to 99% of UV light, which will help shield from the effects of fading caused by the sun. As we all know, energy costs are on the rise. That is why we offer variety of glass, tint, and coatings that reduce solar heat gain, and help you to better manage your energy costs. There are also Energy Star qualified windows and door configurations available. Tax credits are available to homeowners who purchase Energy Star certified products.

impact window styles & option:

Most homeowners spend alot of time designing their homes, and there is no reason to stop when it comes to the windows. We offer an array of colors, sizes, design options, glass options, and tints. Contact our office, where one of our salesman would be happy to go over everything with you, and tailor to your aestethic and protective needs.

  • Varies depending on desired product
About Impact Windows

Not all windows are the same. Chances are the windows in your home lack the strength and durability to withstand the force from gusts or flying debris caused by a minor hurricane. So imagine what a major storm could do to your property? The threat of hurricanes or tornadoes is very real in West Palm Beach. If you don’t have the right type of windows, you’re risking severe damage to your home. Once your windows are shattered, heavy winds can wreak havoc in your house. One of the best ways to keep your home secure during a storm is to install impact windows. The professionals at All American Shutters & Glass can quickly install impact windows in your home to ensure your property is properly secured during a storm.

West Pam Beach enjoys some of the best weather in the country. But we’re not immune to the dangers of hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms. Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference. Impact windows are designed to withstand the most harsh weather conditions Mother Nature can dish out. In addition to protecting your home from hurricane gusts, impact windows can also withstand the force of dangerous projectiles during a storm. Thanks to enhanced technology, these windows can take the punishment from a baseball bat and keep coming back for more.

Impact windows aren’t just protection against a storm. They can also provide protection from the damaging UV rays from the South Florida sun. At All American Shutters & Glass, our impact windows are designed to filter out up to 99% of UV light. We can also provide customized tinting to reduce the amount of heat entering your home. This helps save you money on your energy bill. There’s nothing to lose by installing impact windows to your home. In addition to providing storm and UV protection, impact windows can reduce noise levels, lower property insurance premiums, increase your home's resale value and provide greater intruder protection. You’ll be amazed at the impact these amazing windows can have on your life.

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Keep it protected during Hurricane Season and give your family greater peace of mind. The money you’ll save from damages, lowered insurance premiums and lowered energy costs make impact windows an invaluable addition to home.

To learn more about impact windows or to schedule installation, call the All American Shutters & Glass in West Palm Beach today at (561) 712-9882.

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